Product information


The charm of my ceramic lies in the soft and comfortable texture that is carefully shaped. Every piece, has a distinct natural feel to it with a calm aesthetic. I’m using a proprietary blend of natural slip and clay materials. These come from Europe, Germany and are known for their pure quality. After shaping, I cover every piece with layers of a calm color scheme. For this process, I use traditional glazing techniques, like dipping the clay in and brushing them with Japanese pencils, this creates a unique signature.



My work masters multifunctionality and usability in every design. Every piece can be used for serving foods individually, or used as a set if you like mixing up. They are suited for both indoor and outdoor settings. The shapes and sizes of all cups, mugs and bowls are different and can be customized if requested. In order to strengthen the structure, all of my ceramics are baked at a high temperature making every piece dishwasher proof and microwave safe.



To me, specialization, attention and knowledge are key factors in the overall production process. Every piece passes my hands multiple times. Every time for a specific step in the production process up until the piece is finally complete. So for me, it is important to understand all conditions in the production process and know how they can affect the outcome of the final product. Small things like temperature and humidity, determine how the glaze runs over the surface. Knowing how to use and adapt these conditions, is what makes the signature of each piece. These natural variances define my ceramics and set them apart from the mass-produced, factory-made tableware found in other parts of the world.