Ceramics is, in a way, slow living. You can’t rush the clay, it takes time and focus to shape it, dry it, fire it, trim it, glaze it and fire it for the last time. For me, shaping the clay by hand feels like meditation. My love for wheel thrown pottery started in 2015 and it has evolved into a way of life.

I started pottery out of curiosity for myself; to learn new crafts and processes. As a creative consultant/product developer this has always interested me. Over time, my passion for the craft grew. The tactility of the clay, the need for patience, the attention for materials and the ability to let industrial ‘perfection’ go and create my own designs. After sharing some work with friends and family, the orders started to come. Which is why I started this webshop. I am still so grateful and excited to share my passion here with you.

No cup is the same and no plate is flawless. Instead, every bowl, cup or plate has its own signature. Each piece has a subtle texture and is glazed in simple, yet dynamic layers of tone on tone colors; creating timeless pieces, carefully made by hand. In my work, I use modern adaptations of traditional and time-tested pottery methods. I am constantly searching for refinements in my forms and techniques to enrich my work.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do. If you want to know more about me or my ceramics? Visit my Instagram in page or send me an e-mail.